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What better qualifies the purpose of the Convitto Lateranense is our educational choice, which aims at helping people grow from within in the human and spiritual dimensions of their lives. The living experience at the Convitto wants to be a fruitful opportunity for the integral formation of personality, that is, of one’s intelligence, heart and faith.



We offer an environment that stimulates a serious deep studying of one’s particular field, towards the completion of a professional education, but also the development of the capability of establishing dialogues with other disciplines and cultures.


Each of us is not just a brain and our lives are not just study, exams and grades. Each person is already a relationship; we define ourselves in relation to others. From that essential aspect, emerges the importance of conquering a humanly rich character, a good capacity for listening, for dialogue, for service. Community life is an excellent training ground to find big and small opportunities, which appear every day, to improve one’s ability of sharing, of spending one’s life for others and respecting those around.


The attention to this dimension of human life qualifies in a special way our educational commitment and we want to raise awareness and efforts towards the joy that this dimension of live offers. The adherence to faith, paths of knowledge and deepening in the Christian and Catholic experience, the opportunity to live the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation and take part on the preparation for Confirmation; these are all possibilities that represent an inestimable richness, fruit of a conscious, free, personal decision developed in the depths of one’s heart. The Convitto, for its clear Christian and Catholic inspiration, strongly invites their residents to participate in some of the initiatives of cultural and religious formation that are proposed.

Convitto Lateranense

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